148 & 149, Aziz Nagar Panchayat, Through Yenkapalli Village, Moinabad, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075

Connecting Farmers and Consumers


To ensure that the produce reaches the end-user in the most hygienic, healthy way possible.

To offer a wide range of fruits, vegetables, grains and livestock that are grown in the purest form


  • To establish witness to food
  • To establish Farmer as the brand of his produce
  • To make Naturally Grown food as affordable as possible
  • To be the Interface between Farmers & Consumers


To establish a business model of farmers, FPOs and Naturally Grown Food Bazaars.

To promote Farm to Table concept

Know Your Farmer

  • Farming by profession is the most challenging and requires patience equal to that of Mother Earth. While the current dynamics of the society demands farmers to adopt shortcut means of farming with chemicals and hazardous fertilisers, every farmer knows that health of consumers is at stake and more importantly, that our planet is in danger.

    The story of Organo and their 92 farmers (still counting) have taken a vow to break that vicious chain and are committed to grow safe food. Let’s understand their stories straight from their hearts.

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Support The Farmer

  • Organo Farm Store calls for a symbiotic partnership between the transformed farmers and the enlightened consumers.
    To support their mission, urban consumers like us can support sincere endeavours of Venkamma, Ramulu, Lokam Reddy, Prabhakar Reddy and many more through this collaborative model.
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Farmer Stories